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Bud Light Commercial-
Bud Light Commercial- "Swear Jar"

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free money is always good, too...

so... wanna fork, eh? well, welcome to my site..

it's full of funny videos, humorous flash animations, fun games, funny audio clips, funny images and screen shots, free downloads, how-to's, links, and random reference materials (ip lookup, whois lookup, see what your ip address is, etc) and basically anything i see that i like... and all FREE!

i update this whenever i get time, and the more money i make from it, the easier it is to justify my spending time on the computer to my wife (nudge nudge, wink wink...)

so, if ya gotta minute, and wanna laugh, you've come to the right place..
random error message:
random error
something tells me their counter's off by a little bit...
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Back up my harddrive? How do I put it in reverse?

So, I've got the videos and audio files HTML5 compatible for HTML5 devices! (This means you, iPhone and iPad users!)

That said, I'm going to do some redesign stuff, make an iPhone template that will make it easier to navigate on the screen, etc... probably make it it's own web app (save it to the home screen, and the launch it just just any other app!

I'll keep you updated on the status, as well as see about getting some new content up, too.

Thanks, Forkers!

So, I'm gearing up for a redesign of wannafork, and also getting some more content together... Also in the works is converting all of the videos to iDevice friendly format, as well as some other changes... You'll notice a few more ads around -- hopefully not TOO obtrusive, but i'm not even making my domain name costs from this site, so I'm hoping to at least cover costs on the site :) Also, the more I make, the more I can justify working on it... wink wink, nudge nudge...
wow -- i just realized that i still had "embed in myspace" code on the video and games pages... so, that's been removed.
wow... i really haven't been trying to ignore this site. I started a new job in March, and time has been all but non-existent since then. at some point, i'm going to get my wife to find new stuff to add to the site, but until then, it's going to be the same stuff. sorry. but then, i think this site's brought me a whole $25 in the last 15 months (which i don't see until it's $100...) so at that rate, the paying job wins. click some google ads, and i may be more inclined to update more often! :)
I'm working on updating the site a bit... changing the rating system to be more user friendly, adding a "times viewed" for videos, etc... Also, in the works will be an updated "sort by" for content, which will allow you to sort by highest rating, number of votes, times viewed, or newest date..

Now if I could just get you guys to vote, this may all be worth it!

Times short right now (as you may have noticed by the lack of new content lately... sorry..), so I'll get to it when i get to it. until then, keep checking back, and keep laughing!
I'm in the process of moving WF to a new account on BlueHost... this is why there's not been updates in the past few days... when everything transferred, i will upload all of the files needed to get it back up to date... thanks for you patience!
I'm trying to keep this site as updated as possible... actually, i keep trying to get my wife to look for new stuff to put up here... one of these days, she'll figure it out, and then we'll all be happy!

In the mean time, enjoy what we have... oh, and Bear Down, Chicago Bears!.
Re-design complete!!! (obviously) Can i re-iterate my hate for IE?!? seriously, how hard is it to make a standard's compliant browser?!

At any rate... we're back.. we're up... and everything should look better (especially to those IE users that had to deal w/ crap before...)

so... videos are fixed and uploading... should be done in the next hr... (9:30 PM Central time...) In the mean time, enjoy what's already working! (and sorry again!)
I'm still working on the new layout... css is wonderful... and a pain all at the same time! got a few cookie problems. as soon as i get them ironed out, it'll all be up...
Yeah, so i've realized there a LOT of videos that aren't working on the site... (you can only see 1/4 of the picture)... so i'm going through and taking note of which ones they are, and i'll re-encode and get them back up asap... be patient, and SORRY!!
So, i'm working on a redesign (not really much in the way of functionality, but a new look i'm really liking.) hopefully it'll be up in the next couple weeks, so keep checking back, and let me know what you think!
So... i got it all moved over to a REAL host!! SWEET!

there may be some hiccups here and there, but for the most part, MUCH more stable, and MUCH faster!

if you find anything that isn't working just as it should, don't fret... it'll all be back up in due time!
So... Video's are up! WOOHOO!!

the bad news? loooow bandwidth... i'm hosting at home until i can figure it all out on the other host...


It's not a horrible line, but it's not great, either... hopefully it'll be good enough!

oh yeah... you just lost the game!
So, we're KIND OF back up... sorry for the down time. Work's been crazy, and I redid my living room, etc, etc... so, i haven't even had much time to check my email... at any rate... This is where we are- Video's and Audio is still down... everything else SHOULD be just about right... so... keep checking back... i'll do what i can to get video and audio back up ASAP... ENJOY!
new download added: Adobe Reader 9 without acrobat.com and Air. i find it extremely annoying that Adobe forces their new products on you when you try to upgrade what you have. So i found the ftp site that has Adobe Reader only... i'm sharing it with you! enjoy!
yea! another new videos sub-category! unskippable is a video series put out by The Escapist and are absolutely hu-lair-ee-us! wow.. that looks a lot dumber than i thought it would... i could erase it, but meh, i've already typed all of this after it, so may as well leave it...

anyway.. check it out.. they're funny!
so I finally added a handy tool to the downloads section: Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller. There have been several occasions when i've needed to uninstall Adobe Flash Player, but Add/Remove Programs didn't work, and Adobe's Site wouldn't update automatically. This tool fixes that.

Download it, Use it, Love it as I do...
So, a buddy of mine is letting me host this site on his paid hosting service, so pretty soon, we'll be a LOT more stable. i'm in the process of copying stuff from the free server to the other server now, but it's taking a long time almost 5 1/2 gigs of stuff on slower upload speeds takes some time...)

at any rate, if you experience some odd behavior in the next week or 2, blame the move... :)

oh, and i've got the newest zero punctuation vid up...
So, we're back... again!

one of these days, I'm actually gonna pony up for paid hosting... int he mean time, we'll just have to deal with the down time... sorry!

anyway, we made it back before the new year, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I'm going to be updating the zero punctuation and mac ads sections here shortly... i also have a few new vids in the random videos section or the snl section to upload, too... so check for those soon (within the next couple days)

have fun!
Hello, all...

A few updates for you:

If you haven't noticed them already, I now have some RSS feeds for the games, video, audio, and flash sections... just click on the "subscribe to rss" link on the respective pages, and choose your reader of choice...

I've also added some new videos, flash files, and games to the mix, so check them out, too... all great time wasters...

Enjoy, and if I don't update again for a while, Merry Christmas!
So, I've added a few new videos. You can check out the Justin Timberlake and Beyonce 'Single Ladies' video from SNL, or a clip from the latest Jeff Dunham and Achmed singing Christmas carols from his latest DVD, 'A Very Special Christmas.'

Both are great!


We're back!

if you've tried to come by in the past few days, you'll have noticed that we've been down... some kid at my free host messed with the router, and didn't bother putting it back when he was done... effin kids.

but we're back... and i've added the latest apple mac ads to the mix... enjoy!


newest feature: there's now "previous file" and "next file" links on the media play pages (flash, audio, video, and games) that will take you to the next or previous file in that sub-category... (yea! finally, i know...) it's been something i've been thinking of for a while, and now that' it's all in mysql, it's easy! hurrah for mysql!

keep checking back for other features to be added!


Well, i've got the comments up... you can now leave comments on videos, flash animations, audio files, and games... so.. comment away... all you need is a legit e-mail address (as to keep from getting spammed)... that's about it for now.. have fun!


So i've added a TON more Bud Light- Real Men of Genius / Real American Heroes clips a few days ago.. I've added some new games, and a couple new videos in the random subcategory...

I'm continuing to get things into the MySQL dbs, and getting some other functionality working... The email links functionality is back, and now requires that you confirm your email address before it sends the e-mail the recipient... sorry... no more spoofing your email address in the form... ;)

Other than that, just making minor updates, improvements all the time... I'm currently working on a comments section for the humor files, and also trying to get javascript working for rankings so it doesn't refresh the entire page when you rank a video/flash/game/or audio file...


I've added a new sub category to the audio humor section: Bud Light: Real Men of Genius. I'm not sure if they're all there, but the ones that are are pretty good...

all of the audio section has been updated w/ in the MySQL database, and it's all working great.. i'm not sure why the Oh Holy Night mp3 isn't playing, so as soon as i figure it out, i'll fix it...

that's all for now... as always, you can hit me up and let me know if something's not working or if there's something you want to see on here... enjoy!


I'm getting there! woohoo!!

Just as a heads up, while all of this is happening, the "pages updated in last 30 days" info may not be accurate... sorry for the inconvenience of the extra couple mouse clicks to see what's updated recently!!!1!1

just so you know, the random flash has been updated with more Foamy the Squirrel Tech Support goodness... HILLARIOUS! go watch them.. NOW!

Well, that's all for now... so, enjoy


Still having fun with this MySQL deal...

You'll notice that there's now a section "games" on the left menu taking the place of projects. Games were formerly in the humor/flash section, but that didn't really fit, and honestly, projects wasn't being touched... so there you have it...

the videos section has been successfully updated... the old links will still work for a while, but eventually, they'll be dead... so keep checking back for that...

if you find any errors/bugs, let me know, and i'll do what i can to get them fixed..



I've been having a lot of fun getting things moved over from flat files to a mySQL database. A lot of it is done, but there's still a LOT to do (how many hundreds of videos are on this site??).

So yeah.. that's what's been keeping me busy lately (that and studying for yet the NEXT test in the MCSE series... 70-293)...

Updates may be scarce, but improvements are being made. Keep checking back, and eventually, if you have links saved, they may be invalid before too too long... so keep checking back...


I passed my 3rd test (70-291) yesterday... (yea!) which is why updates have been scarce on here.... What i have done is ad the latest Apple "Get A Mac" ads, and have been keeping up on the Zero Punctuation game reviews, and I've added some new games, as well.

I've added a new way for you to help keep this site up and alive. If you click on the links on the left of any page (and purchase from jinx.com) I gain a commission. additionally, you can always just donate money (button on the left menu bar, as well).


Ever find yourself talking with Ishwar See-Ish (aka "Bob") on tech-support, and can't understand what he wants you to type?

Repeat everything back to him using the NATO Phonetic (Military) alphabet. You'll make your job a lot easier. I use it at least once a week in my job. Trust me, it'll help you out...


I just realized that i haven't added any updates to this main page for quite some time... so this is my little random message...
I've been keeping up the Zero Punctuation section pretty well.
I've also added some new videos to the SNL section: Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy...
I've added some new images to the random error message line up, too... just keep refreshing and you'll see some new ones...

That pretty well sums it all up... Enjoy!


Found a new app that's kinda cool... GetLeftToGo. Basically allows you to download files from a website (http or ftp), multiple files at a time... kinda slick!


It's my birthday!! woohoo!! what does that mean for you? umm.... <insert random giveaway... oh wait... this site doesn't make you any money...>

oh well... at any rate, have fun... i'll be updating some of the content here in the next couple of days, so check back soon!


So, Tim passed his first Microsoft Exam (70-290) so he's now a Microsoft Certified Professional! (YEA!) on to the next exam.... only 6 more to go! So yeah... updates will continue to be scarce for a while, but I will still update when I can... the newest Apple Get A Mac ads are up in the humor section, and also, i've added a couple new games in the flash section, too. So check them out, and keep checking back... also, i've added a few other videos in the  random video section, too.


if you're a returning visitor lookign for the guestbook, you will have noticed it's gone... it's been replaced! no offense to any of the comments that were on there, but i just felt that a resource section would be more useful. anything you want to see on it? drop me a note from the contact section.


WE'RE BACK!! If you've tried to come in the past few days (...or 5) you noticed we were down... sorry about that... Can't compain about free webhosting, I suppose. But we're back now... so, enjoy the site!


Tim started a new job a few weeks ago, and has been very busy with that and studying for his MCSE certification, which is why the site's not AS upkept as it has been... but he is still adding stuff periodically. If you have any ideas or anything, hit him up (info in the contact page). Later.


wellp, added a new app in the downloads section, and added SEVERAL new videos in the random video section, including, but not limited to, some of the new Superbowl XLII (42) commercials (at least the good ones)... Also, the new Zero Punctuation review, Call of Duty 4, is up now, too...


Roses are #0000FF

Violits are #FF0000

All my base are belong to you


wannalink? link to wannafork using one of our link images!


wanna kill some time without mindlessly watching movies? play a game!


A few updates here...

first, as i'm sure you've noticed if your'e a returning visitor, the dreaded "Ads By Google" banner is now present... sorry, but in order to justify my spending time on the site to my wife, i need it to generate a little income... :-/

next, there's a couple new apps in the downloads section... PixelCryptor and Sherlock... check 'em out!


added a new how-to... how to save downloaded videos from websites.

shows you how to save all those vids that you like from your (second to this one) favorite comedy website... i mean, hell, i give you the link right on the page! can't beat that!


Just a quick update: added another page to the "other humor" section... data cabling dreams vs nightmares...

also, you'll notice a random error message at the top of this page now, too... there's only a few now, but i'll add more as i come across good ones.


well, staying busy here:

::updated the video how-to for converting a DVD to AVI to my own video

::added several new vids to the random video section

::added a new link in the other humor: fried green components

::also, i've added the latest Apple "Get a Mac" Ads



tired of being tech support during dinner? send 'em this letter!


If you haven't checked them out already, be sure to check out Zero Punctuation's game reviews. These are hillarious! If you've already been checking them out, you'll notice that they're not in the same order they were before. That's because I (finally) put them in chronological order... so, enjoy!


so i've added some 'wannafork?com wallpapers' in the downloads section (which is now split up into 2 sections, applications, and media). There's only 4 different wallpapers for now, but when i get bored, i'll make more and throw them up...


So, i've been re-working code to make it easier to comprehend, and so it's repeating itself as little as possible.

also, you'll notice now that you can see video/flash file ratings in the list view, and now you can digg URLs... been working hard (because i'm hardly working at work..) let me know what you think!


When the cat's away... The Boss is on vacation, so i'm updating...

Just added all of the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skits to the videos section! enjoy!


UPDATE: Just got a rating system set up for the videos and flash sections... now you can tell everyone how much you like (or dislike) the videos... have fun... and remember... only one vote per IP... (don't worry... it'll stop you if you try to vote more than once..)


users can now choose how many files to display one page in the video sections and the flash animation sections... enjoy!


Just a quick update: currently uploading all 30 of the Apple "Get a Mac" ads (commercials) for your enjoyment... if you click on humor > video, there's now 2 sections... random, and Mac Ads so you don't have to sort through all the random ones to get to the mac ads... so... there ya go...


pagination's up... now it will only show 10 items per page.. works great! gotta fine tune it a little bit, also, i'm going to make it so the user can choose how many items to show on a page... still got some work ahead of me, but i'm gettin there!


Tim changed the code for the video and flash sections to make it load faster, and also got it set up so he can get pagination (only show 10, 25, 50, all, etc files on a page) dynamically. Not sure when that will be done, but keep an eye out..

ALSO, he's been working on getting some more content for the video and flash sections as well... If anybody has any ideas for stuff they'd like to see on this site, hit us up.


I keep pounding away here...

newest update: you can now send a link to a page (for video and flash files) using the website! just click the "e-mail link to a friend" link, fill in the form, and click "submit" and away it goes... it works pretty well, but it's not foolproof yet, so make sure you fill in all the fields.


Well, The photo gallery's (finally) back up. There's no new content yet, but the good thing about this new one is it sorts by date, so the newest ones will be first (so you don't have to look through them all to see the new ones). Also, if you go to the pictures page it will tell you which gallery has new images, and how many. (It's really slick!).

Anyway, that's all the news for now... eventually i'll get the image gallery lookin' 100%, but for now, you can check out whatcha want!


Well, the statcounter keeps goin, up, so i'm assuming people are checkin the site out here. But, just so you know, i've made a couple changes in the past few days.... Videos are now able to be streamed from our site, or downloaded (click the download link to download, or the title to stream...

Just so you know, if you stream a larger file (the file size is there), it may take a little while to buffer the file far enough to play w/o skipping... But it all works :)


This is version 3 of our site.

You'll notice on the left handside of this page has a list of pages that have been updated in the last 30 days, and also the date that it was updated (I love PHP!)

I'm still working on the image gallery, but in the mean time, check out the rest of the site, and let us know what you think!