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Digital Garbage - A self written essay to help the general public understand and deal with the scurge of spyware, adware, viruses, and bad programs. A constant work in progress.

Microsoft Anti Spyware - Even though this is still in beta, it shows significant promise. It acts very similar to an antivirus program, in that it will run in the background and monitor your system. It will update itself, and (if you allow) will talk to central server when it encounters an unknown mailicious item.

Spybot Search & Destroy 1.3 - I find this to be my favorite program. Really easy to use, and finds the majority of computer clogging internet garbage.

Ad-Aware SE - This comes in a very close second to spybot. This finds the stuff that spybot can't, and is very good at removing the items.

HiJack This - A great program for removing browser hijackers. Finds all BHO's and registry entries that could be malware. Not for novices.

CWShredder - Removes Cool Web Search variants. Easy to use, just update and run.

Sandboxie 3.20 - In essence, a virtual machine that that stops all writing to the physical hard-disk (stores all write processes in it's own cache) keeping malicious applications from writing information to your computer. It's a pretty slick application, and free, so you can't beat that! Check out the Sandboxie website for more details!

AVG Anti-Rootkit - It's always good to check your system periodically for root kits and other malicious software. This is a free program to do just that. Because it's free, it does not update itself automatically, so check out AVG's Site to make sure your file's up to date!

Other Programs

Adobe Flash Player and ActiveX Uninstall Tool - Wanna get rid of Flash Player, but can't? Use this Flash Player Removal Tool found on adobe.com. Works like a charm w/o that hassle of Add/Remove Programs (which usually doesn't work anyway

Adobe Reader 9.0 without AIR or Adobe.com (standalone) - If you've downloaded Adobe Reader from Adobe.com recently, you'll have noticed that you also get AIR and Adobe.com links on your desktop and in Add/Remove Programs... well, you can get the standalone version here (downloaded directly from ftp.Adobe.com). I looked long and hard to find this link, so enjoy!

GetLeftToGo - A nice app that allows you to download all files from a directory on a website, so long as it doesn't have an index file... have fun!

XMouseButton - Control what your mouse buttons do! With this app, you can specify what mouse buttons do on a per-program basis. It works rather well for autocad, I've found...

Sherlock - A nice, small program that will show you what video and audio codecs you have installed on your machine, as well as the versions of the codecs, too.

PixelCryptor - This is a handy little program that can encrypts files and/or directories with an image file as the passkey (instead forgetting a alpha-numeric password, use that picture of the BEAUTIFUL sunset you took 4 months ago and have since forgot about).

ID3 TagIT - This is a slick little app that can create ID3 tags (ver 1 OR 2) from file names, rename mp3 files from existing ID3 Tags (artist, track number, track title, album title, year, etc)... If you have a sloppy mp3 collection, this will help clean it up!

Mozilla Firefox - This is a browser that is 10x better than Internet Explorer (i mean Exploiter). Using this as your browser, you will avoid the majority of spyware and other crap. Just use it and i'm sure you'll love it. You can import your current favorites list from IE to Firefox.

X-RayPC - Shows all the processes currently running on your computer. Shows the filenames, where it is located, ands helps determine if its a legit program or not. Gives option to deactivate or delete the process. Useful for isolating/removing stubborn malware.

Belarc Advisor - Shows all system information including, but not limited to: programs installed, serial numbers for all programs installed (including Windows XP's serial), hardware information, network information (IP address, MAC address, etc), Windows Hotfixes installed, missing Windows Hotfixes (if any), and software versions