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Break The Egg

free money is always good, too...

Tower Defense Games HQ - Can't find the game you're looking for on my site? check this out - there are tons of Tower Defense type games here for your playing enjoyment!

tbare.com - My other website -- Great place to get web design, software, etc... Check it out!

Versa Press, Inc. - This is the company for which I work. We're located in East Peoria, IL. I get to do geeky tech stuff all day long, and I get paid for it! woohoo!

guerilla mail - disposable, temporary e-mail address. check e-mail, reply to e-mail, then dispose of the e-mail address like it never existed... and keep your personal e-mail inbox spam-free!

php freaks forum - php help forum... again, i've gotten a lot of help from the people here, too... if you do any webdesign using php (or other languages, for that matter) php freaks forum is a must-bookmark site.

php.net - THE php manual... helped me out QUITE A BIT in the creation of this site!

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